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May 28, 2007



I needed to convert a parallels image, so thanks for the info. I own a license for both but I always find myself running the free betas for parallels.

Yuhong Bao

"That was definitely annoying and added one more notch to the "man I wish I could find a more viable alternative to Microsoft Windows for my client that isn't so dependent on Microsoft" meter."
Unfortunately, in this case as long as you run Windows, even virtualized, you will have to live with things like this.


Dear Sir:

Indeed we are left with the fact that 20 some odd states, and our Federal Government settled with Microsoft on their anti-trust action, and did not force the full publication of Microsoft's API.

Had this been the case, none of us would be using VMware or Parallels right now. We'd be running Windows applications natively under Linux or MacOS, and Microsoft would be reeling from huge losses on VIsta.

The Digital Delinquent

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