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All of my life I wanted to study at UNC. However, when I was received the opportunity to skip my Senior year of High School and begin studying at Georgia Tech, those plans dramatically changed. At Georgia Tech I discovered a passion for all things computer related. I was a User's Assistant for a computer lab, a Teacher's Assistant for Computer Science courses and even took an additional computer science course just for fun.

Fast forward 10 years later and I am still playing with computers. About 8 years ago I began Viant Solutions, an IT consulting company dedicated to enabling small and medium businesses with technology. In some cases this means that we server as an outsourced IT Department (Helpdesk, Special Projects and CTO). In other instances we provide expert assistance on larger projects and tasks. Our clients include law firms, financial planners, churches and others.

At present Viant has 9 employees. We're experienced a great deal of growth which is exciting to manage. It's a humbling experience leading a company. I've been learning so much, but still have so much too learn.

I'm hoping that in addition to the tech information that I can share a bit about the business side of things as well. The centeral them of this blog is going to be technology, but there will be a bit about business and a bit about life in general thrown in.